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We are the best New Construction Agent around and we can prove it. We attend every meeting, walk with you through every step and produce a video like this every week for you. We have built more homes in a year than the average agent will do deals in their whole career. We know all the local builders and have built a home with most of them. Give us a call if you want this level of service for the same price as the other guys...

Howto Visit A Model Home
3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Visit a New Construction Model Home in Texas
Why You Should Use a Realtor
See why you should use a Realtor when building a new home in Texas. This is just one reason that you should have an agent. We go out to the build jobs when you don't want to.
Should You Build Or Buy A House ?
Build Or Buy Your Next Home, that seems to be the questions everyone gets hung up on. I give you some great ideas to think about when deciding to build a new ?? home instead of buying ?? a resale home. So many of my past clients loved building their home, that I might be a little biased towards new construction. ??
Mortgage Pre Qualified vs Pre Approved
Should you get pre-approved or pre-qualified by a mortgage professional before shopping for a home? We break it down, tell you which one to get and explain the advantages to doing so...
Inspection - Do you need one?
Always purchase a new home ??inspection?? if you are building a home. New homes can actually have more defects than existing homes.
3 Pitfalls To Avoid When Building A New Home
3 pitfalls to avoid when building a new construction home in Texas. What you need to know BEFORE looking at new homes.
9 Secret New Home Upgrades
We asked some of our favorite builders what upgrades would they put in their next new home and we would up with 9 secret new home upgrades.
7 Overlooked New Home Expenses
Are you buying or building a new home? Then you need to know about the 7 things that will cost you money after you buy that new home? Don't be one of the many homeowners that get blindsided by all the expenses and purchases you didn't would pop up.
Glass Patio Doors - Are They Right For Your New Home?
Today we are talking about the amazing sliding glass patio doors you see in all the new model homes. Should you install one? Brent tries to help you decide based on what you are building...