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They have been outstanding helping us choose a builder, meeting with them and gathering information on the process and guiding us through the building process. They are always proactive on the progress of construction, sending us weekly video updates and educating us on the building materials as well as anything they see that needs to be corrected. Overall, I would highly recommend The LivingWell Team...

- Gregg P. -
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Alder Custom Homes is building in Chapel Creek Farms

Alder Homes is building in the Enclave at Chapel Creek Farms.

Shaddock Caldwell Custom Homes at Chapel Creek Farms

Shaddock Caldwell is building in the Enclave of Chapel Creek Farms..

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If you are considering a home at Chapel Creek Farms you better have the best new construction agent on your team. Our agents are personally trained by Brent Wells, one of the industry leading REALTOR® in new costruction. We ensure you have and amazing experience and enjoy the process.