Residential Service Contracts

Residential Service Contracts

What is a Residential Service Contract?

A residential service contract is a form of "home warranty" that protects various systems in the home that are identified in the contract. It usually covers the major systems and appliances and is typically 1 year long. A service fee (or deductible) is typically charged for each residential service call service call.

Why do you want a Residential Service Contract?

With the soaring cost of home repairs, a residential service contract can protect a homeowner for thousands of dollars in repairs due a major systems failure. A perfect example in Texas is a major A/C failure in our peak summer season. A home owner could typically face $5k-$20k for a new system. With a RSA, the homeowner might only be charge the service call fee.

Who typically pays for the Residential Service Contract?

Everything in real estate is negotiable, but the majority of our buyers receive a RSA from the seller of the property they have selected to purchase. So in short, the sellers pays for one...

When is a Residential Service Contract in effect on your home?

Typically, the RSA is in effect at the time the contract is executed. However, we typically provide a RSA to our sellers that covers them during the time the home is on the market.

Where do I get one? (who we prefer)

There many residential service contract companies, but we will list the ones we have worked with and our clients have had good experiences with. In no way, are we saying anything about unlisted companies, just giving you a short list to review:

Are These Companies Regulated ?

The Residential Service Company Act (Article 6573b, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes) has been administered by the Texas Real Estate Commission since 1979. It provides for the licensing and regulation of residential service companies who provide residential service contracts, also known as home warranties, to the public.