Dallas Home Builder Reviews - 2024

If you are considering building a new construction home in the north Dallas area, you must review our list of best Dallas Tx home builders. We have worked with most of the builders on our list and have real world experience and no financial or business allegiance to any of these builders. We simply convey our experience and the experience of our clients to you for FREE. Our goal is not to talk you into or out of building with a specific builder, but to be well informed when you make your decision.

How we rank a builder:
Each builder is ranked in three (3) areas:

  • SALES - This covers everything from initial meeting, discussions, follow up calls, agent/sales associate interaction, contract creation, pricing, negotiations, allowing us to use our preferred title company, mortgage company, and inspector and final contract signing.
  • CONSTRUCTION - This includes the materials, labor, quality of service, quality of construction, how the construction manager treats you, building accuracy, job site cleanliness, and fit and finish of the home.
  • WARRANTY - how quickly does a tech come out to review the problem, how quickly they implement a solution and how well does it work. Does the warranty department ignore the problem or provide stunning service after the sale.

* We do not rate a builder we have never worked with.
** Our ratings only convey our teams experience building a home with the specified builder and does not imply how your experience may or may not turn out.
*** We are open to any and all discussions with builders about their score. We hope this will motivate home builders to provide a better product.

American Legend 3.7 4 4 3
Ashton Woods 3.0 3 3 3
Astoria Homes
Beazer 3.3 4 3 3
Bloomfield 3.7 4 4 3
Britton 4.7 5 4 5
Budz Custom Homes
Cadence Townhomes
Castle Rock
CB Jeni 3.0 3 3 3
Cope Homes
Coventry Homes 3.3 3 4 3
Cypress Equity Investments
Darling 3.3 4 3 3
David Weekly 3.7 4 4 3
Drees n/a
First Texas 2.3 2 3 2
GFO Homes
Grand 2.0 3 2 1
Harwood Homes
Highland Homes 4.3 5 4 4
History Maker
Impression Homes
J. Anthony Homes
K Hovnanian
Lennar 2.0 1 3 2
MattAmy Homes 3.3 4 3 3
M/I Homes
Main Vue
Olivia Clark Homes
Our Country Homes
Partners In Building
Perry Homes
Pulte Homes
Sandlin Homes
Southgate 2.3 3 2 3
Starlight Homes
Taylor Morrison 3.0 3 3 3
Terrata Homes
Tilson Homes
Toll Brothers Homes 5.0 5 5 5
Tradition Homes 4.6 4 5 5
Tri Point
Trophy Signature Homes
UnionMain Homes
Village Homes
William Ryan Homes
Windsor Homes
Wyatt James Builders

The Two Types of New Home Builders

New home builders fall into one of two broad categories. A builder is either a production home builder or a custom home builder. The only difference is does the builder allow you to make structural changes to the dimensions of the home. For example: does the builder permit you to add rooms, modify the external wall layout, add or remove windows and so on. If so, then you are working with a custom home builder. 

It is important to understand that a custom home builder does not build a better home or have a higher finish out level. They can and often times do, but it is not what defines them. That is up to the client and the selections they make for everything from the foundation to the countertops.

99% Of You Will Buy A Production Home

Production homes are now built with an extremely high quality finish out. You will always here stories of poor construction or materials, but the truth is most homes will perform quite well over the years. The easiest way to ensure a quality build is to hire an expert new home real estate agent and home inspector. I won't bore you with what we do to ensure your home is built well, but check out our YouTube channel and view some of our 'build job' videos.

The production home does not use the best materials or labor, but they do use products that will perform well over time. It honestly comes down to the final price point. A home that uses 2x6 framing, spray foam on exterior and interior walls, ZipSystems sheathing and roof decking and a foundation with 60 piers of 15' depth will add about 40% or more to the cost of your home. Most buyers are not willing to pay this extra amount of money, so the production builders dominate the market.

Our Builders Rankings

Below you will find our rankings for each local builder we know of. The builder will have an overall ranking on a scale of 0-5 with 5 being amazing and 0 representing a horrible experience. The overall ranking is the sum of the five (3) individual performance areas of:

Pre-Sales & Sales
The sales cycle encompasses how knowledgeable and honest the sales associate is. Pre-sales focuses on the experience before our clients commit to purchasing a home with the builder. The sales cycle reviews the sales associates customer facing demeanor, honesty, and desire to help. Is the associate open to using our preferred title company, are they willing to present a less than perfect offer, and do they try to help the client acquire the home on their terms or just present the company position.

The construction rating involves the materials, labor and construction manager. Overall we are looking for acceptable materials with competent labor. The construction manager must be helpful, respectful and try their best to ensure a pleasant and successful experience for our clients. The difference between a top CM and a bad one involves clients crying or being very angry after working with them. Tears are an unacceptable outcome of speaking with your CM.

Let's face it, as long as humans assemble homes there will be problems. When robots and AI can build a home we might start seeing zero defects. The important thing to remember is a great builder will fix a problem the minute you report it, a good builder will eventually fix it, a horrible builder never will because 'warranty issues' are a cost center to them.

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