Rank your new home builder

Grade Your New Home Builder

The modern home builder has more advanced techniques and materials to work with than ever. It stands to reason the homes they produce should be the best ever seen by man. Sadly, that is not the case. So as someone who might be looking for a new construction home, how can you determine which builders house to purchase. Well, you can start with our new construction home builder grading system. We have a simple series of questions you answer and we assign a numerical grade to the answers. At the end, you have a final numerical grade for the builder, the higher the score the better.

All the questions below are very basic, but will give you a great idea of the overall quality of structural components the builder is using. You can always call us for a more detailed opinion...

Instructions: Answer each question below and add up the associated score. 

What type of foundation does the builder use? 

  • Slab on grade (1pt)
  • Post Tension Cable (2pt)
  • Pier & Beam (3pt)

What framing material is used?

  • 2x4 (1pt)
  • 2x4 finger jointed (2pts)
  • 2x6 (3pts)
  • 2x6 finger jointed (4pts)
  • 2x8 or larger (5pts)
  • Bonus: ring shank nails (+1 pts)

What type of external sheathing is used?

  • DryLine (1pt)
  • 3/8 OSB (2pts)
  • 3/8 OSB & Tyvek (3pts)
  • ZipSystem (4pts)
  • ZipSystem Sheathing & Decking (5pts)

What is the roof made of?

  • Composite Shingle (1 pt)
  • Composite Shingle 30yr (2 pt)
  • Composite Shingle Hail Rated (3 pt)
  • Tile Roof (4pts)
  • Metal Roof (5pts)
  • Slate Roof (6pts)
  • Spanish Tile Roof (7pts)
  • Composite Cedar Shake (8pts)

What type of insulation is used?

  • Batt & Shredded Cellulose (1 pt)
  • Open Cell Foam (2 pt)
  • Open Cell Foam & Bottom of Roof (3 pt)
  • Closed Cell Foam (4 pt)
  • Closed Cell Foam & Bottom of Roof (5 pt)
  • Bonus: Interior Walls Foamed (+1 pts)

What type of windows are used?

  • Builder Grade Vinyl Windows (1 pt)
  • Fiberglass Windows (2 pts)
  • Anderson Windows (3 pts)
  • Pella Windows (4 pts)
  • Marvin Windows (5 pts)
  • Western Windows (6 pts)

Interior Doors

  • 6' 8" Hollow Core (1 pts)
  • 6' 8" Solid Core (2 pts)
  • 8' Hollow Core (3 pts)
  • 8' Solid Core (4 pts)
  • Bonus: Pocket Core Doors (+1 pts)

Exterior Doors

  • 6' 8" Standard Door (1 pt)
  • 8' Standard Door (2 pts)
  • Custom Wood Door (3 pts)
  • Custom Metal Door (4 pts)
  • Bonus: Custom Wooden Garage Doors (+1 pts)