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Homes by J. Anthony is not the owners actual name, it was his fathers and his sons. Here is the quote from the website. It sounds like a solid motivation for the owner to do the right thing. Can't wait to find out...


I'm Tony Prutch, the founder of Homes by J. Anthony, and there’s a lot of meaning behind our company's name. Johnnie Anthony, my father, passed away when I was nineteen years old. And my son’s name is Jordan Anthony. I’m never going to do anything that my father would be disappointed in—or anything negative that my son is going to have to answer for.

Builder Score: none

The rating of 'none' is not a negative, it simply indicates no one from our brokerage has worked with Homes by J. Anthony. We have seen and walked many of his build jobs and also love the final product. Perhaps you will be our first client to engage us to assist in building with J. Anthony.

Google Reviews shows they have an impressive 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. That is very, very impressive if you know anything about custom home builders and their clients. Custom homes are very difficult to build and keep your clients happy. The price point ensures a client that wants everything properly done, and perfect. With all the moving bits and bobs in a custom home this can be very difficult to say the least. The fact that they are ranked so high says a great deal about their skill and professionalism.