Tricks to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Tricks to Increase Natural Light in Your HomeBringing more light into a room helps it to feel not only brighter but more cheerful and enjoyable to hang out in. This is why so many staging experts advise home sellers to open up window coverings and increase the natural light in a home as much as possible. Showcasing a home's natural light helps it to sell more quickly.

In general, who doesn't love a room that is lighter and brighter it just feels better for so many reasons.

Here are some tricks you can use to increase the natural light in a room

In many homes, some rooms may feel like they could benefit from a little more natural light in the room. This could be due to small windows or just a lack of windows in general. Follow these simple tricks to help bounce natural light around your room and have it feel more airy and cheerful.

Make smart use of mirrors

Shiny surfaces like a mirror help to reflect light and bounce it to another point in the space. Place a mirror strategically to help bring the light in from a window and bounce it into another point of a room. A mirror close to the window will instantly amplify the natural light bouncing back into a space. Additionally, the view that your mirror reflects will help the room to feel larger.

Opt for a lighter window treatment

Heavy dark curtains are meant to keep the light out when they are closed. This may be great for a bedroom when you are trying to sleep especially if you want to take a midday nap in the summer. But it does not do much to help bring in natural light in spaces where it is useful. 

You can choose window treatments that allow light to pass through while still giving you a bit of privacy. In spaces where you do not need complete privacy such as a living room or dining space, you could use a sheer curtain panel in a light color. This way the curtains can be closed at night to filter the light coming out of the windows and the visibility of neighbors being able to see in.

Choose paint colors wisely

Paint colors and finishing touches in a room can have a huge impact on how bright the room looks and how easily light is bounced around and reflected back into the room. Lighter colors will reflect natural light whereas dark ones will absorb it. This is most true for paint on the ceiling. Keeping a ceiling white will reflect ambient light down into the room. You can also choose a high gloss finish to bounce even more light back in.

Look at how the furniture is arranged

Without knowing it you could be blocking light coming in from the windows with the way your furniture is arranged in your room. You want to make sure that furniture is not blocking the light coming in from windows to optimize the amount of natural light in a space as much as possible.

Look around your landscaping

Sometimes an issue with receiving more natural light into a room has to do with elements outside of the house. Maybe there is a tree planted close to a window that is filtering the amount of light that comes through. Additionally, there could be items like awnings or deck coverings that are decreasing the amount of light you receive through your windows. It could even be how your patio furniture is placed right outside your window.

With the right tricks, you may be surprised at how much you can increase the natural light in certain spaces in your home.

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