Top 5 Problems When Building During The Pandemic

The current pandemic has many people worried about a variety of things, one of which is building a new home. This process can be difficult even in the best of times, but it's especially challenging right now. There are a few main problems that come up when trying to build a new home during the covid pandemic:

  1. Money: It's already hard enough to get financing for a home in normal times, but it's even more challenging right now. Lenders are tightening their rules, raising interest rates, and many people have lost their jobs or seen their incomes slashed. This makes it very difficult to afford a new home.
  2. Time: Building a home takes time. It is virtually impossible to predict when your new home will be finished and that makes planning a nightmare. Especially for our clients moving from far away like California.
  3. Materials: By now everyone has heard of the supply chain chaos that is occurring. Everything from windows to radient barrier is in tight supply. Its not really getting better yet, regardless of what the news says.
  4. Labor: The increased difficulty of finding a qualified labor force to construct new homes is getting continually worse. We are actually seeing builders entice sub-contractors to leave a job site for a cash bonus and come work for them.
  5. Safety: Most of the time the job site is empty or has one or maybe two workers on site. Sometimes it is much different. There may be as many as 20 workers on a jobsite and health protocols are consistently ignored.

Final Thoughts

We know that the market is hot right now and it seems impossible to find a home. But, we're here for you! The housing market has been on fire lately, but our team of experts have your back. Give us a call and we'll make sure you get under contract with one of these amazing builders in no time at all!

So, if you’ve been thinking of building a new home in the near future, don’t wait any longer. Prices are only going to continue to go up and it will take much longer to actually build your home than it does today. If you have any questions about the process or want some help getting started, feel free to leave me a comment below – I’d be more than happy to chat with you!

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