The top 10 places people are moving to

top 10 destination cities

Every year U-Haul comes out with their annual rankings of where people in the USA are moving to. It is a great way to check the most desirable states and cities. This data is a great indicator for our migration trends in America.

3 of 10 cities are in Texas

Houston has remained at the top spot for over nine years in a row. That says alot, especially if you have lived or visited Houston. The traffic and humidity keep me from willingly travelling to "H" town.

Houston is seeing a 5% growth rate, plus all the new Houton-tonians from the recent hurricanes and floods. Not to mention all the jobs from the oil and gas industry...

The Top Ten Destination Cities In American 2017

  1. Houston
  2. Chicago
  3. Orlando
  4. Brooklyn
  5. San Antonio
  6. Las Vegas
  7. Austin
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Charlotte
  10. Columbus

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