Giving Your Bathroom A Budget-Friendly Refresh

Is your bathroom décor out of date? You may need to take on a large bathroom remodeling project to achieve a fully modernized look. Another option would be to look at different budget-friendly options to help enhance the look. 

You can make a powder room feel like new almost effortlessly by changing up the hardware, such as the toilet flusher, drawer handles and towel racks. By switching to a matching set, you can fashion a cohesive look and add contemporary style all at once. Among matched fixtures, satin and brushed nickel are the top choices but some bronzed copper shades are quickly becoming a hot trend. You could also upgrade the lighting fixtures, as 82% of homeowners have done recently, to provide a stylish accent and a brighter, cleaner feeling bath.

Updating a bathroom can not only make it feel more like your own but, according to a popular magazine, it may help upsell the home as well. Along with an updated kitchen, modern baths are highly desired in the housing market and often have an almost 100% ROI. The infographic below details different ways you can spruce up your bathroom. Before doing anything

For additional ideas on aesthetically restoring your restroom, please see the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Modern Bathroom.

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