En Suite Bathrooms

En Suite Bathrooms are a must for families

An en suite bathroom is a private bathroom that is directly connected to and accessible from a bedroom. It is typically designed for the exclusive use of the occupants of that particular bedroom. The term "en suite" comes from the French language and means "in sequence" or "in connection."

Now that is a very formal definition and describes what an en suite bathroom is, but why do you want one? They are perfect to keep the peace in a house full of kids that all need to get ready at the same time. Daughters also love them when they need a tub bath to de-stress or unwind, Sons need them after they get covered in mud, dirt or grime from the stuff boys tend to do. If you don't like my 'dad reasons', then please read my more professional list of reasons, but trust me, having a bathroom for each child ranks #1 on the list for this father:

The en suite bathroom keeps the peace among the kids in the home

  1. Convenience and Privacy: Having an en suite bathroom offers a high level of convenience and privacy. It eliminates the need to share a bathroom with other members of the household or guests, which can often be inconvenient, especially during busy mornings or when multiple people need to use the facilities simultaneously.

  2. Increased Functionality: An en suite bathroom enhances the functionality of a bedroom. It provides immediate access to bathroom facilities, allowing occupants to maintain their personal hygiene routines without having to leave the bedroom or venture into common areas of the house. This is particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues or individuals who value their personal space.

  3. Enhanced Property Value: The presence of an en suite bathroom can significantly increase the value and desirability of a home. Many homebuyers consider it a desirable feature, especially in master bedrooms, as it offers a sense of luxury and exclusivity. It can be a selling point when putting a property on the market or renting it out.

  4. Lifestyle and Comfort: An en suite bathroom adds to the overall comfort and quality of life within a home. It provides a dedicated space for personal grooming, bathing, and relaxation. It allows individuals to create their preferred environment by customizing the design, fixtures, and amenities according to their personal taste and requirements.

  5. Practicality for Multigenerational Living: In households with multiple generations or extended family members, having an en suite bathroom can be particularly practical. It offers a separate and self-contained space for older adults, providing them with the necessary privacy and independence while still being connected to the main living area.

A remodel of an en suite bathroom under wayThe Cost of an En Suite Bathroom

The actual cost of adding an en suite bathroom to a new home or existing home is somewhat consistent. It is based on what level of finish out you select and what you include in your design.

A modest en suite I recently built with Highland Homes in Celina was priced out right at $40,000 dollars. Another bathroom we did this year was with the Toll Brothers in Frisco and it was over $70,000. As you can see the prices can vary widely, but the cost is reflected in the builder, location, and finish out.

Our personal home has been undergoing a major remodel and our second master suite came in at $35,000 and has some really beautiful fixtures, but would be considered modest in our area. We had to replace wall insulation, some framing and other items beyond what a new construction bathroom would cost.

If the price is causing you to reconsider adding en suite bathrooms, keep in mind you will recover all or perhaps even more of the initial cost if and when you sell the home on the open market. 


It has been my great pleasure to assist many, many families construct their new homes in the greater Prosper Texas area. My experience has led me to believe how valuable this architectural design feature is to the value of the home. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and of course just reach out with any questions you may have about a remodel or new construction.

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