Building a Highland Home at Parkside Prosper, Tx

In this post, we'll explore the process of building a highland home. This guide will show you with process when building a new Highland Home and steps to take before construction begins. If you're interested in building a new home or just want to learn more about it, read on!

Design Of The Home

Step One: Design Phase and Plans. You should have a great idea of what you want your home to look like, how big it is going to be and the shape of everything before moving forward with construction. This way there will not be any unwanted surprises once building begins. Ask yourself questions such as, "How many bedrooms do I need?", "Do I want a one or two story home?", "How big do I need my kitchen to be?" and "What kind of floor plan do I prefer?".

Step Two: Find a Builder. It is important to find the right builder for your project as they will most likely oversee all aspects of construction while providing advice and guidance along the way. You should always check references and ask for pictures of other buildings they have worked on. In our case, we have chosen Highland Homes.

Step Three: Start Building! The main part of building a home is getting started, but unfortunately you can't just get to work right away. There are many things that need to be done before the first nail is hammered in, including obtaining permits from your local county or city, ordering materials and contracting with labor.

The Construction Timeline

We are now ready to begin the home construction process. We will document each stage, but our videos may cover more than one stage. The builder will typically get a great deal of work done at one time using different sub-contractors. So keep in mind each video may span many stages.

Stage 0

A. Contract agreements are finalized:

it's time to sign the home building contract. This document is a legally binding agreement between you and Highland Homes. It outlines all of the specifics of the project, including:

  • The agreed-upon price for construction
  • The start and completion dates
  • What is included in the finished product (e.g., materials, appliances)
  • Warranties on materials and workmanship
  • Payment schedule

It's important that you read over the home building contract thoroughly before signing it--if there are any areas you don't understand, be sure to ask your agent for clarification. Once both parties have signed off on the contract, work can begin on your new home!

Once the homebuilding contract is finalized, Highland Homes orders all of the materials for your home and begins construction. The construction process typically takes around 12 months, but may vary depending on the size and complexity of your home. Throughout construction, our team will keep you updated on progress through weekly video updates. You'll be able to see your home come to life from start to finish!

B. Any architectural/structural plan changes completed:

You may have already started planning some changes to the architectural or structural plan of your Highland home. If so, congratulations! This is a big step in turning your dream home into a reality. Just be sure to keep these few things in mind as you make your plans:

  • Any changes made to the original architectural or structural plan must be approved by the builder before work can commence.
  • All changes must be consistent with the overall design and style of the Highland home.
  • Any additional costs associated with making changes to the plan will be borne by the buyer.

C. Building permit requested after final approval of plans at Pre-construction meeting:

A building permit is a document that is required to be filed with the Prosper Building Department prior to beginning any new construction, including the erection of a fence. The purpose of a building permit is to ensure that all construction within the City meets or exceeds the minimum standards established by ordinance.

The process for obtaining a building permit begins with filling out an application. Once the application has been completed by the builder, it must be submitted along with two sets of plans (site plan and floor plan) and applicable fees. After review by the city of Prosper staff, if everything is in compliance with code, the permit will be issued.

D. Construction begins:

The excavation process of a new home in Texas is very important. The first step is to mark out the area where the home will be built. This is done with stakes and string. Once the area is marked, the next step is to start digging. A backhoe or bulldozer is used to dig a hole for the foundation of the home. The soil is then removed and transported away from the site.

Stage 1

A. Lot preparation completed

B. Rough plumbing and electrical underground installed 

C. Foundation has been inspected and concrete poured 

D. Forms pulled

E. Flatwork installed

F. Final Grade 1 completed

G. 2x frame work begins

Stage 2 

A. 2x framework completed

B. Cornice work begins (windows, siding, etc.)

Stage 3

A. Roof shingles installed

B. Rough mechanicals installed (Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, security & A/V wiring) 

C. Firebox installed

D. Call for City inspections

Stage 4

A. City inspections passed 

B. Batt Insulation installed

Stage 5

A. Sheetrock hung and nailed

B. Sheetrock tape, bed and texture completed

Stage 6

A. Cabinets installed

B. Doors and trim completed 

C. Exterior brick laid-up

Stage 7

A. Walls and trim painted

B. Ceramic tile installed

C. All countertops are installed.

Stage 8

A. Irrigation, fence, landscape and sod installed

B. Carpet home

C. Final clean

Stage 9

A. Construction Manager checklist

B. Project/Area Manager is notified for pre-orientation inspection

C. Pre-orientation inspection items are completed

D. Homeowner is given a formal orientation of their new HIGHLAND HOME

Stage 10

A. Closing Day

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