Building a Darling Home at Windsong Ranch in Prosper Tx

Building a new construction Darling Home at Windsong Ranch in Prosper Tx

If you are interested in a Darling Home, Windsong Ranch or Prosper Tx new homes, then you have come to the right place. We invite you to follow along as Brent documents the building of his clients new construction Darling Home at Windsong Ranch in Prosper Tx.


The Floor-plan

Darling Homes The 5487 floorplanDarling Homes has always been know for its amazing home designs. Bill Darling made a name for himself decades ago with livable floor plans that spoke to thousands of clients. Our clients picked the 5487 floor plan with stone elevation. This beautiful design features the following details:

  • 3092 Square Feet
  • 4 Bed Rooms
  • 3.5 Bath Rooms
  • 3 Car Garage
  • Option: 4 Car Garage
  • Option: Media Room
  • Option: Garage Storage
  • Option: Garage Door
  • Option: Master Shower
  • Option: Covered Patio #1 or #2

The Construction Videos


The REALTOR®s at The LivingWell Team are experts at representing you when building a new construction home. Our agents are trained in an exclusive 12 week course in new construction homes. No other agents in DFW receive this exclusive training. The videos below are used to document the progress of our clients homes during the build process. We also stop by and visit with the sales associates to ensure everything is on track. If you would like this level of representation just reach out to our amazing agents.

Construction Videos of Windsong Ranch

Building A Darling Home - Initial Video
Welcome to your kickoff video where I detail the benefits of the lot I recommended. We will have a perfect fit with the floorplan you love and a minimum amount of traffic. The path of the sun is also a huge benefit for you.
Building A Darling Home - Preparation
The wooden forms have been put in place and the trenches for the foundation have been trenched. The thicker part of the trenches also have cables that run in a grid pattern. The cables have nutts on the end of the cables so they can be tightened. This type of foundation is able to float on top of moving dirt instead of just snapping in half.
Building A Darling Home - Trenching
The sewer pipes are in and so are the water pipes. They are buried in the ground and wrapped in insulation. Its pretty windy on the job site. The sewer line is the angled pipe that is connected to the city sewer system. The wooden boards are what holds the cement in place when its poured. All the purple paint you see on the white pipes are a 2 part glue they use on PVC pipes.
Building A Darling Home - Pre-Concrete
We are in the middle of the wind and rain, but needed to give you an update on your build job. The job site is prepped and ready for cement. The wooden forms are in place to hold the cement and all the pipes are wrapped in insulation. The moisture barrier is in place and ready to go as well...
Building A Darling Home - Waiting on Cement
We are still waiting on cement and I have no idea why we have not poured yet. Our sales guy is out of town and we have had so much rain that we may have a huge backlog for the cement guys.
Building A Darling Home - Starting To Frame
The cement foundation has been pouring and they have dropped all the wood for the home on the build site. There is a temporary sidewalk poured, but it will be removed after initial construction. They have framed the first floor and begun moving in the decking for the second floor and should start framing it soon. The setback from the street looks really good and the backyard will be huge.
Building A Darling Home - Framing
The second story is being framed currently and the roof is also going up. We have rain on the way all day tomorrow. The bricks have been dropped on site. Soon we will have the roof, windows and siding.
Building A Darling Home - Roof, Windows, Siding
They are finishing up the framing of the home and they are adding the polimer siding or thermosheath. They have also added the plywood where masonry will go. They will have the windows in soon and the roof on before we know it. We have had a ton of rain recently, so once we get the roof, windows, siding on the home will then be sealed from the weather.
Building A Darling Home - Pre-Dry Wall
The roof decking is in and the roof moisture barrier is on. Soon the shingles will be installed. The windows are in and the siding is up as well. The back porch is in and you can get a good feel for how the house will look in the future. It is always fun to see the framing on the inside of the home as we move from framing to be fully enclosed from the elements.
Building A Darling Home - Pre-Dry Wall Again
The roof is on the house and we are officially sealed from the elements. The windows are in and have a poly seal on them. The bricks and stone are dropped and the rough out is done on the inside of the home prior to drywall being installed. We still have one or two little things to do before we drywall, but we need the city inspector to give us a green tag. You can also see the details on how they run the wires and plumbing.
Building A Darling Home - Pre-Dry Wall Again Part 2
They have really started sealing the home useing foam tape, expanding foam and sealed boxes. Even the pipes are sealed in foam wrappings. We really don't have extreme cold, but we do have very hot weather and thats the man use of our home insulation.
Building A Darling Home - Inspections
How awesome is this? Our builder for Darling Homes in Windsong Ranch was on-site and agreed to give us a guided tour of what has happened and is coming up. It doesn't get any better than having the builder himself walk us around and provide details and a guided tour...
Building A Darling Home - Bricks & Stone
Darling Homes is applying the brick and stone exterior to our clients build job.
Building A Darling Homes - Masonry
Darling is adding the stone and brick exterior
Building A Darling Homes - Wood Floors
Today Darling Homes is installing our clients wood floors in their new home.
Building A Darling Homes - Cabinets
Cabinets are being installed at this new home in Windsong Ranch by Darling Homes
Building A Darling Homes - Touch Ups
Cabinets are the anchor of the kitchen and today our new Darling Homes has them installed.
Building A Darling Homes - We Have Power
The power is on and the lights are working.
Building A Darling Homes - Details
Lets look at all the amazing details that are being repairs, cleaned and finished out...
Building A Darling Homes - Final Inspection
The final inspection is one of the most important parts of quality control in a build job.
Building A Darling Homes - Final Walkthrough
We perform the final walk through for our clients since they live in Sweden. Never skip this action when building a new home.

The Agent

Broker Brent Wells with LivingWell RealtyBrent Wells is the new construction agent that helped our clients build this home in Windsong Ranch. Brent is the broker of record for our team and has built many homes across Collin County for his clients.

Brent loves talking about new construction and educating clients to the process. Building your forever home is not as straight forward as it might seem. An experienced hand can make all the difference. You are thinking you might like to have Brent help build your next home, give him a shout at the link below.


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