Building a Castle Rock Home In Green Meadows - Celina TX (Lot Benching)

Building A Castle Rock Home In Green Meadows - Celina TX (Lot Benching)

Today Nicole is walking you through the process of building the foundation for a new home by Castle Rock in Green Meadows in Celina Tx. Castle rock has benched the lot and installed the initial plumbing rough. The materials have arrived and as soon as they've been given the green light to move forward with prepping for foundation they will be ready to go. Nicole takes you through the plumbing rough as there are several stages. First the pipes underneath so that when the foundation is poured it acts as an insulation to insulate the pipes. They are below ground so that when winter weather arrives the pipes are protected. They use PVC pipe. It allows for expansion when its cold or hot preventing them to burst. These prove to be much better than the metal pipes used years ago. They will run water through these pipes to make sure there are no leaks, if they get the green light they will put a moister barrier over, and then proceed with the rebar in a grid like pattern to reinforce the foundation and then they pour!

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