Building a Britton Home in Mustang Lakes Celina, Tx

Are you thinking of buying a new home in north Texas? If so, you may be interested in learning more about Britton Homes. Britton is a leading builder of quality homes in the Lone Star State, and their homes are designed to meet the needs of today's home buyers. Britton offers homes that are stylish, comfortable, and energy-efficient, and they have a variety of floor plans to choose from.

Our clients chose the Mustang Lakes neighborhood to build their new home. We were able to still select all the homes materials and got the home for a great price. Just one year later, this homes base price has increased over $160,000.

Mustang Lakes Celina, TX is a beautiful master-planned community that offers residents a variety of amenities, including a clubhouse, swimming pool, and playground. The community is also deed-restricted, so you can be sure that your home will maintain its value over time. You can learn more about Mustang Lakes by clicking here.

Follow along with us as we document the process of building a Britton home in Mustang Lakes Celina, Tx. We hope it helps you decide if Britton or Mustang Lakes is the right choice for you.

Our Experience So Far

Stage 1 - Homesite Preparation

To begin construction, Britton must first accomplish the following non-construction tasks:

  • Securing proper permits and approvals from the local building authority.
  • Determining your home’s position and orientation based on technical requirements.
  • Clearing the land of obstructions.
  • Foundation

Stage 2 - Framing

Now it is time to frame the home. This is one of the most exciting phases for our clients, since you can actually see the 'bones' of your home springing up from the foundation. Framing usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete. The builder installs: wood beams, rafters, floor studs to create a skeletal frame.

Stage 3 - Exterior Trim & Roof


Britton uses a product called Cemplank that is impervious to rotting, warping and termites. Cemplank offers a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

Mechanical Rough & Insulation

This is where all the items contained in the walls and attic are installed:

  • wiring and cables
  • plumbing lines
  • HVAC ducts
  • Polycel insulation is added to exterior corners, doors, windows and walls 

Stage 4 - Drywall

This stage is where the home really starts to come together:

  • Interior Trim
  • Bath and kitchen cabinets
  • Moldings and baseboards
  • Interior doors
  • Stair trim
  • Painting

Mechanical Trim

These are the mechanical features that make your home function:

  • plumbing fixtures
  • electrical fixtures
  • HVAC compressors and thermostats
  • alarm keypads
  • smart home features

Stage 5 - Flooring

At this stage finishing touches are installed:

  • Flooring: wood, tile and carpet
  • Moulding


This is where the sprinkler system is installed, grass sod is installed in the yard and all the trees, bushes and flowers are installed. We now have a beautiful Britton Home.

Final Thoughts on Building with Britton Homes at Mustang Lakes

Honestly the build process took a very long time. It took about 6 months longer than it would have pre-covid. We had to substitute certain materials that could not be aquired. We also had labor issues in trying to complete the home. 

However, the sales and construction staff were professional and tried their best to keep us informed. There were a couple of mistakes and Britton stepped up and corrected them as best they could. At the end of the day, they did a great job on the home and the clients are happy.

Britton offers a 2 year home owners warantee. That is one full year longer than any other local competator. 

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