4 Tips To Enjoy Building Your New Home

Enjoy Building Your New Home

Building A New Home

Congratulations if you have decided to build your next home! Condolences if you just built a home and just now found this article. Building a new construction home can be one of the most exciting things a person or family can do while simultaneously being terrifying or nerve racking.

This article will give you four (4) helpful tips that are almost guaranteed to improve your chances at enjoying the building process of your new home. Keep in mind, if you are building a new home in north Texas you can hire us to help you for free. Ok, lets jump into our 4 tips to enjoy building your new home.


  1. Choose Your Builder Wisely
  2. Pick a REALTOR® That Is A New Home Specialist
  3. Get Your Home Inspected
  4. Demand To Use Your Preferred Title Company

Choose Your Builder Wisely

You might be asking why in the world would we say the builder is more important than the REALTOR®? We are saying it because its true. The builder sets the tone of the project with their attitude and behavior. They also determine the quality of materials and the sub-contractors they use. They control so many aspects of your new home, that their influence is second to none.

How do I pick a solid builder?

Ask your REALTOR®, that is the best source of information you will find. Your agent is paid to provide you with advice based on their personal experience, the brokerage or team's experience and what their local market is saying about the builders.

You can also research builders via on-line reviews, but be cautious. Most review sites can be gamed and do not necessarily reflect honest consumer sentiment. The one website with fairly honest reviews is Google reviews. They do not allow a business owner to do anything, except to respond to the review.

What do I look for at the job site?

You can get a great feel for how well a builder constructs a home by walking a few of their job sites. Go drive through a neighborhood they are building in and look for their signs in the front yards. Walk through a home that has just been framed, find one that has the dry-wall done, and even one that just installed the cabinets. Are the job sites clean? Does the product look good, straight lines, good materials and no damage? Trust your instinct on what looks clean and proper and what looks trashy and dirty.

Should I talk to the sales person in the model?

Of course you can talk to them, just do not sign anything or give them your name, phone or email address. The sales associates will want to register you for their records. If you do not inform them that you will be using a REALTOR®, they may refuse to pay them on your behalf.

Sales associates are a wealth of knowledge for the neighborhood and the builder, but they do not work for you. Never believe that they do. They will always have the best interests at heart for their employer. You know, their employer is on the sign out front and on their name badge.

Pick a REALTOR® That Is A New Home Specialist

Many of you may be wondering how a REALTOR® could NOT be a new home specialist. Well, the sad truth is agents are not taught about new construction or new homes when getting their license. Many times they are never taught about new homes when they get training from their brokers. Its a sad aspect of the real estate industry that they are legally allowed to represent you when contracting with a builder, but they know very little about the process.

We are experts at new construction homes

Everyone of our agents is sent through our exclusive 12 week new construction boot camp when they join our team. We teach them everything from how to help select the right lot to all the aspects of home construction. It makes a huge difference for our clients overall experience and quality of home.

What to look for in your agent

You need to look for an agent that has experience building new homes in your area and with your builder. Most agents only perform 5-7 contracts per year and sadly a new build is not part of that. Finding an agent that has helped build over 10-12 homes a year is ideal, but you may have to settle for an agent with only 1 or maybe 2 build jobs per year. We do well over 50+ build jobs per year, so call us if you are in north Texas.

You also want to see what an agent does to keep you updated on the progress of your new home. We provide custom videos at your new home location showing you what just got completed, what is currently under construction and what will be done next week. If you want to see an example, just head over to our YouTube channel, we have hundreds of videos done for our clients.

Leave the attitude at the door please

The final thing to look for is personality. A new construction agent will encounter many different types of people that are never encountered when buying or selling residential resale. Your agent will have the builders sales associate,  construction managers, many sub-contractors and tradesman to deal with. This is not the time or place for an arrogant attitude. An agent must be humble, and keep his or her eye on the prize. They need to make friends with the crew, since this will result in a better built home for their client.

Get Your Home Inspected

You must, must hire an independent home inspector to check on your home at a minimum of two separate times during the build process. No exceptions, just do it.

Each inspection price will be based on the size of your home and what the inspector has been instructed to do. The inspector checks things the city inspector does not bother to look at. They are tasked with performing two distinctly different home inspections.

If the cost bothers you, just think of it as a form of insurance. You are hiring a solid, licensed inspector to look at the home from top to bottom and tell you and the builder what is wrong. They always find items that were broken or installed incorrectly, always.

Each home inspector is different, you want ours. They know new construction and are pit-bulls.

Demand To Use Your Preferred Title Company

What? Why in the world should I care about the title company, I don't even know what it is...

I understand, I really do. The title company does two things for you. First, they provide you with a title insurance policy that protects you from any problems with you owning the home free and clear. Second, they manage all the paperwork, documentation, fees and funds for the closing of your new home.

The dirty little secret is, they are also to be a neutral third party between the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. But wait, how can that be when the builder owns them? Exactly...

The title company also has attorneys on staff to keep everything legal. My concern is where the title company employees loyalty lies. Does their loyalty lie with you who will only ever do 1 deal with them or with a builder who sends them potentially thousands of deals a year. Your call, but this is a federally protected right you have. Why not use the right you are granted?

Also keep in mind the title companies location. Will you be driving to the one title company the builder owns that is an hour trip each way? Your agents title company will usually be just a few minutes away. Again its up to you, but the last thing you will want to do on closing day is spend two or three hours driving to sign papers. Our title company will come to your home or office to allow you to sign papers.


Find yourself a rock star new construction REALTOR® and take their advice on the best builders. They will also advise you on an honest and fair title company and home inspector. If you do these four simple things, you should have an amazing time building your dream home. 

We here at LivingWell Realty hope and pray God grants you a beautiful new home for your family to build memories in and you have an amazing, fun and safe life in that home.

Enjoy Building Your New Home With These 4 Tips

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