The Best Prosper Agents

Our Journey

We may not be the biggest Prosper TX agents yet, but we will be. We need to back up and start at the beginning of our story for any of this to make sense…

Deb and I met at the University of North Texas during my last class of my college career. I was forced to take a country and western dance class to graduate, they said I needed the PE credit. Deb & I met, she was engaged. I fixed that problem, got her to date me and told her I would marry her on the second date. Surprisingly, she went out with me for a third date and we got married one year and five months later. I wrote software for 25 years, help start 3 software companies. Deb started with Mary Kay, got a pink cadillac and we both birthed and raised two beautiful daughters: Brianna and Alyssa.

I encouraged Deb ten years ago that she could do a bang up job at this real estate thing and she followed my advice. I was right as usual, she did great! The software industry started to outsource most of its labor and I saw the writing on the wall. I joined Deb in the wonderful world of real estate and became her first employee. I try to tell her I am the boss and she threatens to fire me. Our girls feel we deserve each other. We were both born here in North Texas, we raised our family here and started or helped to grow three local churches. Our last church plant endeavor landed us in Prosper Texas. We were honored to be called as one of the first families of Living Springs Fellowship in Prosper.

We kept promising everyone we would leave our home in Fairview Texas and move to Prosper. After much thought and prayer we built our new Highland Home in Whitley Place and made the move. It was tough, but well worth it. Now that Prosper is our home, we have started our efforts at world domination. Well, Prosper domination that is…

Update: We opened our own boutique Prosper brokerage at the beginning of 2016: LivingWell Properties.